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Pairs Screenshots

As we grew to love our iPhones and iPods, so did our kids. Inspired by their love for matching games, we created a variation like none other. Pairs is fun, educational and challenges little kids and “big kids” alike. So, this is our version of the classic concentration game, Toejam style!

The kids can practice their numbers, letters, shapes and colors. Each matching pair takes you one step closer to revealing a stunning photo surprise. And for the "big kids", Pairs will keep their minds as sharp as a tac! Bump up to the hard level and see how may turns it takes to clear the board. Pairs is sure to entertain and challenge you regardless of your age.

The best part about the full version of Pairs… the INSANE level! We put a new twist on the normal matching game. Give it a try and see how many turns it takes you to complete the level. We think you'll quickly realize why we decided to call it INSANE!

Features include:

  • 4 Levels of Play (Easy, Medium, Hard, INSANE!)
  • 4 Different Tile Sets (Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Colors)
  • Over 70 different backgrounds are revealed as you match
  • Automatically saves your game progress
  • Adjustable Tile Peek Time setting

Video coming soon.
Version: 1.2
Price: $0.99
Released: Download Pairs from the iTunes App Store